Why I (usually) eat eggs for Breakfast

13 Aug

Growing up in the typical American home I usually had a huge bowl of sugary cereal for breakfast.  Lucky Charms, Caption Crunch and Fruity pebbles were my drugs of choice.  Back when I was younger it didnt seem like there was a general “health” knowledge like there is today.  Parents were just happy their kids were eating breakfast and hey, the cereals are fortified with vitamins and minerals right?


Today there are still a large number of families that consume these sugary breakfast bombs and are spiking their blood sugar (and therefore insulin) first thing in the morning after a 8 (or so) long fast.  This drastic and quickly metabolized blood sugar not only leads to a HUGE spike and crash in blood sugar stressing out the pancreas, but also causes the storage of fat.

The general public may ask “Now wait a minute these cereals are low in fat how can they make me fat?”  The answer is simple: excess carbs WILL BE STORED AS FAT. The glucose (carbs) that are not used and cant be stored as glycogen, will be sent to the liver for further processing.  The liver then breaks the glucose down into smaller molecules and creates fat.  The fat is then transported from the liver and stored in fat stores throughout the body.


However not all carbs are equal.  High GI foods such as these cereals, white bread, white rice ect. are quickly digested, whereas Low GI grains such as whole grain bread, will take a considerably longer amount of time to digest therefore not causing a drastic blood sugar spike while simeltanisly causing a drastic insulin spike.

Insulin is very important in our day and age with obesity and diabetes effecting over half of the population!  Both obesity and diabetes can be DRASTICALLY reduced and even cured by following a low sugar, low carb diet.  Or bodies were not meant to handle the excess of carbs (mostly processed) that are found in the typical American diet.

This leads me to why I eat eggs for breakfast. My breakfast (usually) looks something like this:


However I sometimes have Brownie Batter Pancakes or a Cookie for breakfast if I feel like it🙂 I just alter the recipes to avoid flour and sugar.

I usually make scrambled eggs with some sort of veggies and my favorite spices.  (2 whole eggs and 2 egg whites if I am REALLY hungry).

I typically would eat eggs for breakfast anyway but after reading several studies about the benefits of eggs for breakfast verses a carb based breakfast, I decided it would be my go-to for most days.

You can check out the studies here, here, and here.

According to these studies a high protein breakfast will not only create a longer lasting fullness, but will also reduce the amount of calories consumed the rest of the day.  So basically your Mom was right when she said breakfast is the most important meal!

The first study compared two groups.  The first group ate a bagel for breakfast while the second had a healthy helping of eggs.  The egg group not only felt full longer, but the ate less overall calories throughout the day and didnt get hunger pangs!

The second study confirmed the first by concluding that those who ate eggs for breakfast as a part of a reduced calorie diet and active lifestyle lost up to 65% MORE WEIGHT than the bagel eaters!! They also reported having more energy than the bagel eaters.

It seems for years that we have been told to avoid eggs because of cholesterol, but this too may have been wrong…check this out!

Research (presented at Experimental Biology 2009) out of the University of Florida State  examined the relationship between cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors such as body mass index, serum lipids and levels of high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP), and the degree to which these factors are influenced by dietary intake of fiber, fat and eggs. The study found:

  • no relationship between egg consumption and serum lipid profiles, especially serum total cholesterol, as well as no relationship between egg consumption and hs-CRP
  • a positive correlation between dietary trans-fat intake (the margarine on your bagel) and CVD risk factors, as well as a negative correlation between fiber and vitamin C intake and CVD risk factors(6)

In additional research presented at Experimental Biology, investigators with Exponent, Inc. evaluated egg consumption data from the NHANES III Follow-Up Survey to determine the association between egg consumption and heart health. The researchers developed a statistical model which showed:

  • no increased risk of death from coronary heart disease with increased egg consumption
  • a reduced risk of mortality among men who consumed one to six eggs/week compared to less than one egg/week
  • a significant reduction in risk of stroke among women who consumed one to six eggs/week and one or more eggs/day

So enjoy your eggs for breakfast and reap the benefits!


But if you want to treat yourself I suggest making these: Red Velvet Pancakes from How Sweet it is. These are what I made Vincent for breakfast while I ate my yummy and healthy EGGS! Hey, we gotta have balance right?🙂

5 Responses to “Why I (usually) eat eggs for Breakfast”

  1. keepnthefaith August 13, 2011 at 3:06 pm #

    very informative post!! My father in law has diabetes and he drives me NUTS with what he eats. Hes actually get gastric bypass surgery because apparently doctors are recommending it for people with diabetes, even if they dont meat the obese weight requirment. It makes me quite angry that this is the route he’s chosing, especially when he has never really give his food a change, but I guess we all make our own choices!

    • Kelsey @utmosthealth August 13, 2011 at 8:02 pm #

      I know EXACTLY how you feel! I get so frustrated when people could care less about taking care of themselves! I was just venting to my hubby about it the other day. Its like most people take better care of their cars than they do themselves! Food can be used as medicine or “food like substances” can be used as poison. I can not wrap my head around why some people who rather be over weight, unhappy and unhealthy when they could just start living a healthy lifestyle! SMH. :S

  2. pbbrittany August 13, 2011 at 6:49 pm #

    I have eggs for breakfast (with my Kashi cereal) EVERYDAY of the week. If I don’t eat eggs, I feel like I can’t eat enough throughout the day because I’m so darn hungry! Gotta love all that protein🙂

    • Kelsey @utmosthealth August 14, 2011 at 11:03 am #

      Eggs are a wonderful breakfast! They are just about the only thing that can hold me over for a few hours. I usually have an apple with peanut butter for a snack too and that is filling as well!🙂

  3. eat healthy. be happy. live well. August 20, 2011 at 11:05 pm #

    I totally agree! I usually have oatmeal or a smoothie for breakfast, but I almost always pair it with scrambled eggs because I stay fuller longer. I definitely don’t believe the hype about eggs contributing to high cholesterol! Very well-researched post!

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